PU Sports Flooring in Ambaston

PU Sports Flooring in Ambaston

Polyurethane flooring surfaces are commonly used for indoor sports halls as they provide durable anti slip qualities for a range of activities and games.

Polyurethane Indoor Surfaces in Ambaston

Polyurethane Indoor Surfaces in Ambaston

The PU sports flooring can be installed in a number of bright colours, with line markings applied to suit each of your chosen sports.

Resin Sports Surfacing in Ambaston

Resin Sports Surfacing in Ambaston

We can install these PU resin sports surfaces at a range of organisations including schools, leisure centres and local sports clubs to create a vibrant and long lasting facility.

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PU Sports Flooring in Ambaston

Welcome to PU Sports Flooring, our UK leading experts can install these PU resin sports surfaces at a range of organisations including schools, leisure centres and local sports clubs to create a vibrant and long-lasting facility. Do you need an experienced PU sports flooring contractor in Ambaston? Then you have come to the right place.


The installation of PU sports flooring in Ambaston DE72 3 is becoming more popular in education and sporting industries. Our team often carry out projects to create these polyurethane surfaces in schools, colleges and leisure centres. As a seamless, point-elastic internal sports floor, this specification is durable, slip-resistant and suitable for almost any indoor sport. 

Some of the most popular facilities nearby which have this poured resin floor include -

  • Indoor tennis courts
  • Badminton courts
  • Dance studios
  • Multisports halls

We can offer more details regarding the PU surfaces for sports halls near me if required. If you would like to discuss the installation process, please fill in the contact form which is provided on this page and we shall get back to you with all the information you require.

Polyurethane Flooring Specifications

This PU sports flooring system comes from the NBS M12 resin surfacing specification and is made up of two main layers which work together to give optimum performance qualities. The first layer is a prefabricated granular rubber base mat which is rolled out and glued down to the existing surface. Next, a 2mm application of self-levelling elastic polyurethane top layer is poured out and spread across the base.

After this, a wear-resistant mat topcoat is applied to the whole area to complete a durable finish for the court. Finally, coloured line markings will be painted onto the area for each of the chosen sports you want to play. We install this surface in a range of depths depending on the specification you choose and how the area will be used. Other internal flooring designs that we can also install include MMA quartz surfaces in Ambaston DE72 3 and self-levelling PU which can be used for factories and pharmaceutical labs.

If you are interested in finding out more about the polyurethane sport surfacing designs we offer, please contact us via the enquiry form. We will give you some further details about the costs to install indoor sporting surfaces, and the colour options we supply.


Polyurethane Indoor Sport Surfaces Near Me

The design of your local polyurethane indoor sport surfaces is extremely versatile. This means they can be utilised as multipurpose areas which are great for schools, sporting clubs or leisure centres and their surrounding areas. A PU floor surface will often be used for exam halls, school assemblies and dance studios, as well as a range of sporting activities.

Once the initial installation has been completed by our contractors, the two-layer system is durable, long-lasting and very easy to maintain. As they provide anti slip qualities, the polyurethane indoor floors protect users from injury when running and playing on the area along with providing a protective coating for the floor.

PU Surface Coating in Ambaston

We offer a variety of colour options for P2 and P3 rated polyurethane sport surfacing so you can customise the design to suit your own preference and stay closest to what you require. The line marking paint also comes in numerous colours to help you differentiate between each sport you want to play. Our team will be able to talk you through each variable and help you decide on the best specification for your internal sports facility.

As well as indoor sports hall flooring, our installers can build outdoor MUGA facilities using polymeric rubber surfaces in Ambaston which are great for a range of activities. The surfacing specification is solvent free and complies with Ferfa requirements for safety and product qualities so you can be sure you're getting the best end result.

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