Wetpour Rubber Surfaces in Lippitts Hill

Wetpour Rubber Surfaces in Lippitts Hill

Wetpour rubber safety flooring is commonly chosen for school and nursery playgrounds as well as public parks to create soft, impact absorbing play flooring.

Rubber EPDM Flooring in Lippitts Hill

Rubber EPDM Flooring in Lippitts Hill

The EPDM wetpour surface type is ideal for use with play equipment as it protects kids from falls when climbing and running outside.

Wetpour Playground Installers in Lippitts Hill

Wetpour Playground Installers in Lippitts Hill

We have installed wetpour rubber safety surfaces for playgrounds at numerous locations to create safe areas for kids to play and enjoy fun activities.

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Insitu Laid Wetpour Rubber Crumb Surfaces in Lippitts Hill

We can install insitu laid wetpour rubber crumb surfaces in Lippitts Hill E4 7 to create safe areas for young people to play. This surfacing is the soft rubberised safety flooring commonly associated with establishments such as playgrounds, play areas, nurseries and parks. Impact absorbing wet-pour surfaces are known under many names for example rubber tarmac, bouncy flooring, soft pour surfacing and soft safety surfaces.

You can fill in the contact form on this page if you've got any questions about costs for installing safety flooring. We'll reply with some product sheets and a quote for the work as well as professional advice regarding the whole process.

Wet Pour Rubber Installation Near Me

The surface is created using a two layer system; the bottom layer is known as the shock pad layer or rubber base layer and is made up 2-6mm SBR rubberised granules that are mixed with a specially formulated polyurethane binder before being laid onsite. This base course layer can vary in order to meet the required critical fall height (CFH), the critical fall height is determined by the highest platform of your play equipment on the play area and may also vary depending upon the sub base.

Once the wetpour base layer has cured the wearing course layer can be laid. This is created using the exact same formula as the base course however this time uses a finer 1-4mm EPDM rubber crumb mixed with the polyurethane binder and laid to a nominal depth of 15mm. The EPDM rubberised granule is what determines the colour of the surface, the virgin EPDM is available in a wide array of colours including red, yellow, blue, green, purple etc allowing you to have a single or multiple coloured effective safety flooring. We will be able to create a bespoke wetpour flooring design in Lippitts Hill which is suited to your budget and the appearance you want.

What is Wet Pour?

Wet pour is a type of spongey surface made from rubberised granules and polyurethane binder. Wetpour is an impact absorbing surface which means that it's safe for children's plpay areas. The depth of this surface can be varied to meet certain CFHs. Wetpour may be installed in a range of different colours and can also have graphics installed into a plain background allowing for children to play games on the area. It's not just playgrounds and their surrounding areas, which have wetpour installed; golf course walkways may also have this rubber tarmac installed. For more information regarding this surfacing type, please speak to us using our enquiry form on this page.

In Situ Installed Wet Pour Safety Surfacing in Lippitts Hill

Many schools, parks, playgrounds, play areas and retirement homes have a degree of safety surfacing installed to protect occupants and users. This surfacing is fantastic safety flooring option that is available in a wide range of designs and colours to match your ideas, requirements and specification. As well as install single or multiple block colours, a great way to give your safety flooring a look of originality is to blend a number of colours together to make a 'fleck' effect. An example of this fleck design would be to incorporate a number of shades of blue to give you a water blend finished flooring. The same can also be done to get a grass blend finish, the same formula is used as water blend in that a variety of green shades are mixed and blended together and laid insitu. If you are looking for an even more interesting design with different activities that the children can enjoy, we also install wetpour rubber graphics in Lippitts Hill E4 7 which come in all shapes, sizes and colours which can be tailored to be closest to your ideal design. .

Wet Pour Sub Base

Wet pour surfacing is installed upon an engineered or dynamic sub base, this involves excavating the selcected area, laying a geotextile and edging the area in high quality PCC edges or natural looking timber edges. A layer of MOT Type one is the laid on to the area and is compacted and rolled. If opting for a dynamic sub base the rubberised surfacing can then be laid directly onto the MOT Type 1 stone (minimum 40mm depth), however if an engineered sub bases is required or specified it's possible to put down a layer of macadam or no fines concrete before finishing the surface in your desired design and colour of wet-pour safety surface. This sub base make up gives the surface free draining qualities meaning it is SUDS compatible which means that water can drain through the surface correctly into the sub strata instead of flowing directly into drains and causing them to overflow.

To find out more information on wet-pour SuDS compliant surfacing or to find out the costs and prices associated with installing the soft safety surfacing please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Install EPDM Rubber Crumb Near Me

If you are interested on how we intall local EPDM surfaces, please have a look at the process we follow:

  1. Excavate existing area if necessary
  2. Lay geotextile membrane
  3. Supply and install edging
  4. Install compacted MOT type 1 stone
  5. Install alternative sub base if required
  6. Lay shockpad and EPDM surfacing

We complete the entire installation process to a top standard making sure to keep to the correct measurements for the depth of the surfacing. It is important to get a professional to install the surface to make sure that the surface meets the required CFH. If incorrect depths are installed, the children using the nearby facility could be at risk of becoming injured.

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We can discuss the installation process in more detail if required, simply leave your queries in the contact box on our site and we shall get back to you. As experts in insitu laid wetpour rubber crumb surfaces in Lippitts Hill E4 7 we will be able to offer the best prices and quality installations.

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