Indoor Resin Flooring

Indoor Resin Flooring

Specialist resin flooring can be installed to a range of indoor locations such as warehouses, restaurants and hospitals to create a clean and sterile environment.

Poured Resin Surfaces

Poured Resin Surfaces

Resin surfaces are poured out onto the existing indoor surface to create a smooth and seamless finish which can come in a range of colours and designs.

Resin Surface Installers

Resin Surface Installers

Many facilities such as factories, industrial warehouses and schools have poured resin flooring installed as an easy to clean and smooth surface with many practical benefits.

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Indoor Resin Flooring Specialists

Thanks for visiting Indoor Resin Flooring Specialists, our UK leading specialist resin flooring can be installed to a range of indoor locations such as warehouses, restaurants and hospitals to create a clean and sterile environment. Are you looking for a professional indoor resin flooring specialists installer? Then you have found the right place.


In some industries, it’s vital to have seamless and hard-wearing flooring systems to create a safe and clean environment. As indoor resin flooring specialists we provide services for factories and warehouses within the food processing and hygiene industry, as well as -

  • Engineering
  • Aviation companies
  • Educational organisations
  • Sports halls
  • Domestic homes

Specification which is ideal for most industrial indoor environments includes self-levelling epoxy flooring and PU resin surfaces. These products provide chemical and slip resistance, and can come in a range of different colours.

The hardwearing characteristics of the Epoxy & polyurethane resins mean that they create a seamless flooring solution which has a long life expectancy and can withstand heavy use from both pedestrian traffic and factory machinery. This specification can also be used for sports halls where a number of different activities are played.

Another surface specification that we can provide, as indoor resin flooring professionals is a polyurethane (PU) resin screed system which is perfect for usage in more heavy-duty industrial environments.

The PU screed surfacing is also easy to clean so is perfect for use in food and healthcare, and provides additional resistance against boiling water, abrasion, chemicals and other process liquids. We can install the PU resin surface in indoor environments in a range of colours and slip resistance ratings. Please feel free to contact our team if you would like to discuss prices of installing indoor resin flooring surfaces.


Poured Resin Indoor Surfaces

An MMA acrylic specification can also be used for poured resin indoor surfaces where there is a limited time for installation and a fast curing system is required. This is ideal for many commercial facilities like supermarkets, airports and rail stations which can’t be closed for long periods of time and need a quick and efficient flooring solution.

You can choose from a range of colour mixes and designs for the MMA acrylic coatings to create an attractive appearance which is easily cleaned and offers excellent slip resistance for enhanced safety in public areas.

There are many benefits of having poured resin indoor surfaces installed in the Epoxy, PU or MMA specifications for each of the different industries to cater for. The seamless design means that the floor coating won’t support bacterial growth, making it hygienic and safe for food processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical factories and laboratories.

For warehouses where machinery and vehicles are used, indoor resin flooring provides heavy duty slip resistance qualities through an application of suitable aggregate which can be altered to suit the requirements. The PU flooring system is a great option for sports facilities which gives excellent durability and versatility for a range of activities in sports halls and gymnasiums at schools and clubs. We can also offer heavy duty PU flooring which is perfect for areas that need to be a bit more resilient and durable.

If you are interested in installing these surfaces for an industrial, commercial or domestic environment please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form. We are experienced indoor resin flooring specialists and we would be happy to discuss designs, installation and costs to apply these floor coatings for your project.

Other Indoor Flooring

Please send us over your details along with a location and area size for the work and we’ll get back to you with some further details and advice with regards to the services we can carry out.



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