Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed

Numerous indoor areas such as breweries, factories and other industrial businesses have a heavy duty polyurethane screed floor installed for safety and damage resistance.

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Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed

Thanks for visiting Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed, our team are experts in supplying numerous indoor areas such as breweries, factories and other industrial businesses have a heavy-duty polyurethane screed floor installed for safety and damage. Are you looking for a professional heavy-duty polyurethane screed installer? Then you have found the right place.

Our team install heavy-duty polyurethane screed systems for a number of indoor areas including food preparation spaces, breweries and other factories. As these industries require a strong and safe surface, the durable PU resin specification is ideal.

The resin material provides chemical resistance properties for protection in chemical plants, laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities. Due to its seamless finish, the heavy-duty polyurethane screed is easy to sterilise and remains hygienic in food and drink preparation factories, as well as being waterproof for easy cleaning of spillages.

We may offer you more information regarding the surface system if necessary - please just leave your questions in the contact box on this page. We make sure to answer our enquiries at the earliest opportunity and offer info on prices and specifications.

What is Heavy Duty PU?

Heavy-duty PU is a type of surface that can be installed indoors near me. The PU floor type falls under the NBS M12 resin surfacing specification and has fantastic anti-slip properties to reduce accidents from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is also extremely resilient against abrasion. At a depth of 6mm, the durable flooring can withstand temperatures of up to 85 degrees, and at a depth of 9mm, it can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees.

The installation process for a polyurethane floor is done using a trowel and rake to smooth the mixture out over the area. There are a number of standard colour choices that we provide for these indoor surfacing applications, so you are able to customise the final look. Whether you're installing a new surface for a supermarket delivery zone, a basketball sports floor or an industrial workshop, the poured resin flooring provides long-lasting heavy-duty qualities which are approved by Ferfa.

To discuss the costs of installing a heavy-duty polyurethane screed floor, feel free to talk to our experts by filling in the contact form on this page. We want to make sure that you stay closest to your budget as possible and so we can work with you to find you a surfacing and a price that suits you. We will be able to give further information regarding the resin surfacing installation process and the different designs that we offer.

You can also contact us for more info on any of our other products such as resin bound gravel paving and we'll give you some professional advice.

Indoor PU Flooring Specialists Near Me

As nearby indoor PU flooring specialists, we have completed many local projects to install resin surfaces at factories, bus depot maintenance rooms, food preparation areas and many other industrial facilities. The durable, slip-resistant surfacing is ideal for these places where large machines and vehicles are used on a regular basis.

It is vital to have a resilient surfacing system which won’t become damaged and lead to potential hygiene issues. For areas where food is prepared, or where chemicals are used, it’s important that the flooring surface is easy to clean.

Due to the smooth finish, heavy-duty polyurethane screeds are very simple to clean and sterilise for maximum safety in these environments. The polyurethane specification is also commonly used for sports hall flooring where a range of activities can be done. They can also be installed to toiles and changing rooms and the surrounding areas, in these kinds of facilities as well.

Heavy Duty Flooring Materials

Many industrial buildings and factories house equipment and machines which can take their toll on the quality of some surfacing types. The strong PU surface has high abrasion resistance properties to protect the flooring from damage and ensure an extensive lifespan. It also maintains its quality in facilities where the surfacing may have to be wet or exposed to oils and chemicals like train maintenance stations and boiler rooms.

With the variety of available colour choices, you can select a heavy-duty surface which fits your own design preference and looks great in your factory or warehouse. Please contact us today for more details about the resin surfacing products we offer. One of our indoor PU flooring specialists will be on hand to give you a detailed quote for the costs to install this surface type.

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We can offer more information on costs, prices and specifications of the indoor PU resin if necessary. Please feel free to fill out your details using our contact form where we may get in touch with you and offer you more details on the installation, designs and prices of the surface. We can answer any questions you have on heavy duty polyurethane screed so please speak to us now.


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