Self Levelling Polyurethane

Self Levelling Polyurethane

The self levelling polyurethane surface is designed to have impact absorbing qualities and a non slip finish for use in engineering industries, labs and packaging warehouses.

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Self Levelling Polyurethane

We are Self Levelling Polyurethane, our experts provide the self-levelling polyurethane surface which is designed to have impact absorbing qualities and a non-slip finish for use in engineering industries, labs and packaging warehouses. If you'd like more info on the installation of self-levelling polyurethane, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


The specification of self-levelling polyurethane is designed to provide a matt finish surface with impact-absorbing qualities. Areas which typically have this kind of resin flooring installed include -

  • Factories
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Engineering sites
  • Packaging warehouses
  • Aviation facilities

A variety of colour options are available for you to choose from, allowing each project to be customised to suit any existing colour designs. Whether you're carrying out a concrete floor refurbishment, or you need a waterproof coating for a commercial kitchen, the NBS M12 resin flooring specification is the perfect solution.

Our team are more than happy to speak with clients about the self-levelling PU floors which we install for a range of different facilities. We can discuss the costs, prices and specifications are detail if necessary. Should you want to talk to our friendly team, just fill in our contact box provided on the right side of this page and we shall get back to you.

What is Self Levelling Polyurethane?

Self-levelling polyurethane is a type of material which may be installed to nearby indoor surfaces to create a matt finish. There are a number of advantages to this surfacing type. Benefits of self-levelling polyurethane surfaces include its hardwearing properties which give it maximum durability. This is essential in places like factories and warehouses near me where heavy traffic from vehicles and machines can cause damage to less resilient flooring types.

The PU surface specification is a popular choice for labs and pharmaceutical industries due to its chemical resistance properties. For food preparation facilities, this flooring is ideal as it’s extremely hygienic and easy to keep clean because of its smooth finish. Even with very heavy use from industrial machinery, self-smoothing PU flooring systems are resistant to damage and have a long life expectancy which means they’re efficient and cost effective for commercial businesses.

We may provide heavy duty PU surfaces for areas which require more durability and resilience. These products are often provided by suppliers such as Remmers and Ucrete, and our team of specialist installers will complete the work in local factories, hospitals, sports halls and numerous other locations that are closest to these facilities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about self-levelling PU surfaces and the services we offer for warehouses, pharmaceuticals, schools, indoor tennis courts, dance studios and other industries. One of our specialists would be glad to offer you some advice regarding the costs of installing this type of resin flooring.


Industrial PU Resin Floor Near Me

As specialist installers of industrial PU resin floor systems, we can provide further details regarding the process of laying out a new surface. Before applying one of these surfaces, the existing concrete or base should be clean and free from any oil or substances which could stop the resin from sticking. When a clean base surface has been prepared, we will mix the self-levelling polyurethane material and then apply it to the chosen area.

This shall be done with a trowel and a spiked roller to remove air bubbles and ensure a smooth, even application. Once this process has been completed, the industrial PU resin floor will usually cure overnight and be able to accept light foot traffic the next day. Complete resistance to chemicals and machine wear will be achieved over a course of around 7 days. The surfacing may be installed for supermarket delivery bays, office plant rooms, commercial kitchens and also helicopter hangars to provide safe and easy to clean flooring and its surrounding areas. 

Polyurethane Flooring Specifications

Depending upon the amount of use your polyurethane surface is going to get, we offer a choice of specifications and different depths to suit each design. Thicker applications of the resin mixture will be applied for facilities with particularly heavy traffic, whereas a thinner layer can be put down for spaces with less use. The industrial PU resin floor system is very long lasting, however, new coatings can be applied to increase the life expectancy and prevent wear and tear if you are looking to refurbish a concrete floor.

If you're interested in any of our other services such as resin bound gravel paving or wetpour flooring designs feel free to get in touch with an expert. Please complete our enquiry form to speak to us about the price to install a self-levelling polyurethane screed, and the different colour options we have available.

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