Polymeric Surface Paint

Polymeric Surface Paint

Rubber sports surfaces can have specialist anti slip paint coatings applied to enhance the performance qualities and create a brightly coloured facility.

EPDM Coloured Coating

EPDM Coloured Coating

Coloured paint coatings for polymeric surfaces come in a number of specifications depending on the sports you want to play and the slip resistance required.

Polymeric Line Markings

Polymeric Line Markings

We can apply line markings for a variety of sports and activities in contrasting colours to make a clear and accurate MUGA which will be extremely versatile.

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Polymeric Surface Painting Coating in

Here at Polymeric Sports Surface Paint Coatings, we specialise in applying line markings for a variety of sports and activities in contrasting colours to make a clear and accurate MUGA which will be extremely versatile. If you'd like to enquire about polymeric sports surface paint coatings our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


We are experts in installing polymeric sports surface paint coatings and we can offer high-quality services at fantastic prices. The moisture curing paint that is typically used on rubber sports courts and surfaces such as MUGAs is called polyurethane paint and is commonly used for re-painting MUGAs in the UK. This coating is applied to the polymeric sport surfacing after once the polymeric surfacing has cured.

This polyurethane coating is what provides the polymeric surfacing with its colour and design as well as its anti-slip qualities. The anti-slip qualities required on the surfacing can vary from sport to sport for example netball requires a higher TRRL rating than basketball. The polyurethane flash coat is typically applied using an airless spray and the surface is given two flash coats in two different directions to give it the best coverage possible and is available in a number of colours including blue, red and green.

The polyurethane paint gives the sport surfacing its anti-slip qualities by containing different amount of silica and aluminium oxide in order for it to achieve the slip resistance required by the sport's national governing body (NGB). We always advise that you look after your sport court by carrying out routine polymeric flooring maintenance which can consist of cleaning, brushing and repairs.

For more information on painting nearby sports surfaces, please fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you with details on the colours which we can offer and the different specifications available. 

What is Anti Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint is a type of colour coating which can be applied to sport surfaces to improve slip resistance along with the appearance and performance qualities of your court. Non-slip paints can be applied in many colours depending upon the clients' requirements. After installing the paints, line markings will then be applied so that accurate sports can be played. Anti-slip paint can dramatically enhance the appearance and play of a court which is why many professional sport clubs have the non-slip applied.


Sports Court Painting

As well as covering the whole surface of the polymeric sporting area a coloured coat is usually used to apply the line-markings, these are put down using a fully textured two-pack polyurethane paint at a width of 50mm, there are a wide range of colours available the line-markings including red, white, yellow, blue and green. However, it is, of course, necessary to have the colour of the line-markings a different colour than coating already applied to the sport surface.

The wide range of colours available for both the surfacing colour coating along with the line-markings make rubber sports surfacing a great flooring option for Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs); for example, a polymeric MUGA surface with a blue polyurethane anti-slip flash coat could have the line-markings for basketball in yellow, line-markings for football in red, the line-markings for netball in green and also the line-markings for tennis in white.

For more advice regarding the designs and prices to install polymeric surfacing you can get in touch with us through our simple contact box. Some people search 'Sports painting for surfaces and the surrounding areas' which means you have come to the right place. Simply fill in your details and give us a description of work so we can give you some further information.

Colour Coating Polymeric Rubber MUGAs

Other types of colour coating paints that are used to provide sport surfaces such as MUGAs with anti-slip coatings include acrylic paint, however, acrylic anti-slip colour coatings are generally used on macadam MUGA facilities. A polyurethane coating is used on rubber sport surfaces as in different weather conditions rubber can change size.

In colder weather conditions rubber can shrink and in warmer conditions the EPDM rubber expands, this may be a problem for acrylic colour coatings as when the rubber changes shape the coating cracks and can begin to flake off making the rubber sport surface lose both its colour and anti-slip qualities quickly. Polyurethane paints are more advanced than the acrylic in that as the virgin EPDM rubber crumb shrinks and expands the paint moves with it and doesn't crack and flake as easy.

Another benefit of using a polyurethane anti-slip flash coating is that it is porous and permeable making it a great colour coating option on surfaces needing to be SuDS compliant. 'SuDS' stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System and means that water is allowed to drain through the surface and into the substrata before entering local drains instead of flowing directly into drains causing them to over burden and overflow. Local surfaces that are SuDS compatible are extremely popular as they don't require any planning permission.

We are specialist resin bound surface installers and our team can help you with any enquiries you have for sports courts, stone paving and playground flooring. If you would like more information regarding polymeric sports surfacing coatings or would like to find the costs and prices associated with applying an anti-slip colour coating to your polymeric MUGA please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Paint a Tennis Court Near Me

If you are interested in finding out how to colour coat a sports court near me, please see the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface using a specialist cleaning
  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment to the facility
  3. Repair any damages on the surfacing
  4. Install a polyurethane binder coat to help strengthen the surface
  5. Carry out painting of the surface using anti-slip coating
  6. Apply line marking for the sports required

Other Polymeric MUGA Services We Offer

For more information on painting sport surfaces, please get in touch with our team by filling in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with the different options for polymeric sports surface paint coatings and the costs of these services.



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