Resin Bound Paving Suppliers

Resin Bound Paving Suppliers

We are specialist resin bound paving suppliers with years of experience in designing and installing porous stone surfacing to outdoor areas.

Porous Surfacing Specialists

Porous Surfacing Specialists

Many public parks and visitor attractions have porous resin bound surfaces installed to give a natural appearance which is durable and allows efficient water drainage.

Permeable Gravel Surface Suppliers

Permeable Gravel Surface Suppliers

All of the resin bound gravel paving surfaces that we install are porous and create a strong and durable outdoor flooring solution to withstand both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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Resin Bound Paving Suppliers

Thanks for visiting Resin Bound Paving Suppliers, we are specialist resin bound paving suppliers with years of experience in designing and installing porous stone surfacing to outdoor areas. Are you looking for a professional resin-bound paving suppliers installer? Then you have found the right place.


Resin-bound paving suppliers provide a range of stone aggregate designs for many projects at both commercial and domestic locations. We are specialist installers of these permeable outdoor surfaces and have completed work at homes, schools, universities and public visitor attractions.

There are a number of different resin-bound paving suppliers who can offer designs on these outdoor surfaces, some of which include Addaset, Ronacrete, Adbruf and Meon who all supply natural gravel aggregates for these projects. However, as an independent installer, we would recommend SureSet as the premium supplier of resin-bound stone paving with the best quality products.

For more information on the paving which we supply and install, please fill in our contact form. We will get back to you with more information regarding the different surfaces available and the costs to install and supply these surface types. 

Resin Bound Specification

The resin-bound stone paving specification is a popular choice because of its attractive appearance and its porosity which makes it SuDS compliant. This means it is approved by Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for use in urban areas as a way of preventing flooding near houses and buildings.

The permeable characteristics of this surfacing are achieved by using a specification of angular stones which are mixed with resin and lock together to create a strong surface but which also contains gaps to let water drain through. As specialists in a range of outdoor surfaces, we also offer rubber wetpour surfacing which is an impact absorbing alternative that is often chosen for playground pathways.

During the installation process for the stone surfacing, the chosen aggregate will be mixed together with a specialist resin to make a substance similar to porridge. This mixture will then be poured out onto the existing surface and the surrounding areas, which should be either macadam or concrete, and is then screeded to leave a smooth finish.

Once applied the nearby paving must be left to cure, this can take around 4-6 hours for pedestrian pathways, and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic areas, however, 24 hours would be ideal for all applications. If you would like to find out more about the installation process, and the prices involved with resin bound gravel to be closest to your budget, please contact us through the enquiry form.


Resin Bound Gravel Applications

There are a huge variety of local outdoor areas that can be installed with resin-bound gravel applications as the designs are extremely durable and versatile. Depending on what the area is going to be used for, paving suppliers provide gravel aggregates in a variety of sizes and colours which can be installed to different depths for the required purpose.

One popular application for this surface type is domestic driveways which are used for light pedestrian and vehicular traffic. For a straight driveway, the specification would typically be in 6mm stone laid to a depth of 16mm, and for a turning driveway, it would be 6mm stone at a depth of 18mm to allow for more stability. For an access road or car park at a larger project in an area which will get heavier traffic from pedestrians and vehicles, the surface would be installed with 6mm stones at a 20mm depth.

As experienced installers, we can work with specialist suppliers to create the perfect design for each project that will be durable and fit for purpose, as well as giving the surface a fantastic decorative appearance. We offer an array of colours and specifications for you to choose from so you are able to create a bespoke and unique outdoor surface which suits the requirements of your project. These resin-bound gravel applications can cater to small scale domestic driveways, tree pits and paths, up to large scale public attractions, schools and car parks.

Cleaning Resin-Bound

Once the initial installation is complete, the gravel paving system is resistant to cracking, losing stones, UV degradation, colour fading and oil damage. This ensures that the surface remains durable and keeps its decorative appearance over a long period of time without the need for a lot of heavy maintenance. However, it is important to keep the flooring clean and free from debris so that the pores do not become blocked and prevent water drainage.

Without regular brushing and cleaning with water, the surface can become flooded and damaged as dirty water can’t soak through the paving. If any damage does occur to the flooring, resin bound paving suppliers and installers can carry out reactive maintenance to repair the problem and prevent any issues from getting worse.

If you would like to install a decorative gravel surface for an outdoor area at a domestic home or commercial facility, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our specialist installers can also offer an assortment of other services such as playground flooring construction and polymeric sports court painting so feel free to ask us about this work. 

We can offer information on designs, installation and costs as well as expert advice on suppliers to help you choose the perfect specification for your driveway, path, car park, access road or other outdoor surfaces. If you already have an “NBS Q23 Resin-Bound Roads/ pavings/ overlay specification” which might have Adbruf, Ronacrete, Meon, Sureset or Addaset specified then please make sure you fill in our contact form with the details of your project and a member of our team will get back to you with further information regarding designs and quotes for the work.

Other Resin Bound Gravel Services We Offer

How to Lay Resin Bound Gravel Near Me

Our expert suppliers can offer details on how to lay the surfacing once purchased if necessary. The process is simple, which is why we provide DIY kits for small areas.

  1. Ensure you have an adequate sub base (concrete or tarmac)
  2. Mix the stone with the binder
  3. Lay and screed the resin-bound mixture across the area

For bigger installations, we would recommend making use of our professional installers who can complete the installation to a top standard. For more information regarding resin bound paving suppliers and the costs to install and supply the surfacing, please complete the enquiry form and we will respond with a free quotation.



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