Resin Bound Rubber Mulch

Resin Bound Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch surfacing is popular in playgrounds which have a more natural looking appearance but still need an extra safety quality for use with equipment.

Recycled Mulch Surfaces

Recycled Mulch Surfaces

Bonded rubber mulch flooring is made up of recycled rubber shred which is mixed together with a binder and then laid out onto the existing surface.

Rubber Shred Pathways

Rubber Shred Pathways

As well as playgrounds, rubber mulch surfaces can also be used for paths and walkways in public areas to create a rustic looking appearance and a safe surface.

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Rubber Mulch Bark Surfaces in

Thanks for visiting Bark Resin Bound Rubber Shred Surfaces, we specialise in bonded rubber mulch flooring which is made up of recycled rubber shred which is mixed together with a binder and then laid out onto the existing surface. Are you looking for a professional bark resin bound rubber shred surfaces installer? Then you have found the right place. 


We have years of experience in the installation of bark resin bound rubber shred surfaces and can also complete maintenance and repair services. The bark like look of resin bound recycled eco rubber mulch is a perfect impact absorbing soft safety surface option for areas of natural surround and beauty, for example, timber trails and tree pits.

The process of laying a resin bound rubber soft surface involves mixing the natural rubberised shred with a specially formulated polyurethane resin before being laid in situ. The surface is available in a wide number of rubber mulch design options including red, green, black and blue meaning that your natural looking surfacing can be covered in multiple colours or a 'fleck'.

On areas which are being used as an impact absorbing safety surface and containing play equipment like children's playgrounds, kids play areas, schools and nurseries it's important that the correct depth is installed to give you the right Critical Fall Height to keep the users safe. The CFH is determined by the height of the highest platform on the area e.g. top of the slide and can be also impacted on by the sub base.

One great advantage of resin bonded recycled eco rubberised shred surfacing is that, unlike impact absorbing wetpour, no ground preparation works are needed meaning that no edges or MOT Type 1 stone have to be laid first. Instead, the resin-bound shred flooring could be laid directly on top of areas that are grassy or where no grass grows with just a seamless weed membrane Geotextile underneath with edges graded down to the existing flooring.

In some instances porous resin bound surfacing may be laid onto areas with a dynamic or engineered sub base so it's important to make show you check the correct depth for your sub base to achieve the correct critical fall height you require. Resin bonded mulch surfacing is fully compatible with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) meaning that the surfacing is free draining and porous, allowing rain to pass through the system correctly instead of flowing directly into the drains causing them to over burden and flood.

Play Area Recycled Mulch Safer Surfacing

Resin bonded mulch is a complete impact absorbing permeable safety and decorative surface that is excellent for areas where young people may occupy or play. Establishments that might install a porous SUDS compliant resin bounded bark surface include:

  • Timber Trails - To give natural wooden play equipment a natural bark looking surround. (Check CFH)
  • Nurseries - As a safety surfacing for toddlers and infants where there are no loose items or bark for children to put in their mouth.
  • Tree pits - As a natural looking surround.
  • Artificial flower beds - A bound natural looking flooring that needs little maintenance.
  • Primary School - As a safety, the surface to protect young people in the event of a slip trip or fall.
  • Playgrounds/Play areas - Safety flooring underneath play equipment (Check CFH & FFH)

As mentioned earlier on areas like parks, playgrounds and play areas where the resin bound recycled eco rubber shred is being used as a safety surface it's extremely important to check the height of play equipment along with sub base to make sure correct depth is used to achieve the right critical fall height.

You should always make sure that your regularly check the flooring for any damage or problems with drainage, this goes for any type of outdoor playground surface. If you need to carry out and reactive maintenance to the bonded mulch or you have a wetpour surface needing repairs please let us know and we can give you some specialist advice on what should be done.

For more information on impact absorbing bark resin bound rubber shred surfaces or to receive a quote to find out the costs and prices associated with construction a resin bound bark surface please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is a type of safety surface used for playgrounds, pathways and woodlands areas. Bonded rubber play bark areas are produced by using reprocessed truck tyres and tend to be often put down for play areas. This particular floor is made to be comparable to wooden bark because the tyres are crumbled into little bits. We'll then mix the chippings with binder and install it out on the specified area. It is regularly applied in children’s recreational areas, as well as paths and walkways in public areas.

Just like wetpour, the bound rubberized shred is often installed in an assortment of thicknesses. The depth of surfacing is based upon the Critical Fall Height of your playground features. The testing is carried out to British Safety Standards. Equipment such as jungle gyms and trim tracks typically have bonded bark surfacing applied around them. It generates a natural look which fits in with woodland themed locations, as well as making the floor impact absorbing.

Recycled Rubber Mulch

This particular rubberized facility can certainly be placed to almost all current surfaces, including macadam and grass. The system is suitable for any play surfaces which may have dirty patches that become harmful in rainy weather. Because the rubberised shred material is versatile, it's simple to mould into designs and contour around recreational equipment. Because there is no reason to set up groundworks, the prices with this design come at a great value. We will be able to provide you with a cost-effective quote to perform such a project.

Our quality rubberised bark play area design comes in a wealth of colour options. Many of our clients elect to have brown and green as these colour options match with natural looking outdoor characteristics. We can mix the red and green bonded mulch to develop a more interesting design if this is what you want. Every client can select a bespoke design which accommodates your budget and requirements.

If you have pre-existing apparatus and furniture in the outdoor space, the floor could be tailored to fit underneath these structures. You might have equipment such as -

  • Climbing structures
  • Roundabouts
  • Picnic benches
  • Slides

and we can fit around these. Rubber bonded bark is wonderful because it's entirely porous. Because of porosity, rainwater can move through the surfacing and this prevents it accumulating and leading to floods.

This enables the surfacing to have minimum upkeep all through the year, and it may be used consistently. If you are looking for the best alternative option to wooden chippings, this is a wonderful system because it’s appropriate for all-weather circumstances. You won’t get any bits of rubber being lost away from the playground as it's all stuck down securely.

Other Rubber Mulch Services We Offer

Rubber Playground Mulch

The rubber playground mulch is specially designed with resilient durability and strength. For facilities that are commonly used by young kids, this gives a tough and heavy duty flooring solution. The gentle spongy qualities generate far better comfort and safety when running on the surfacing. The system has been commonly developed as an impact absorbent system under play apparatus. It's also fantastic as a good looking path surface for public spaces such as outdoor parks.

For people looking to build a versatile pathway, the bonded play bark design is ideal. Many other establishments may decide to apply the bonded rubberised bark to develop soft pathways for customers. When considering cleaning for bonded shred, all it takes is frequent brushing to remove debris off the surface. The maintenance may then prevent dirt from becoming stuck in the tiny holes within the flooring system.

It's vital that you keep the surfacing as clear as it may be to make certain it's still safe for anyone who is making use of it. For more information on bark resin bound rubber shred surfaces in please contact us using the enquiry form on this page.



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