Wetpour Playground Maintenance

Wetpour Playground Maintenance

With any safety surface, it's important to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that the flooring remains safe and does not become damaged or dirty.

Rubber Surface Cleaning

Rubber Surface Cleaning

Wetpour rubber flooring should be brushed regularly to remove debris, and can also be cleaned with a light jet wash to prevent contamination within the gaps of the surface.

Wetpour Repairs and De-Icer

Wetpour Repairs and De-Icer

We can supply rubber repair kits so you can fix minor damage to the playground yourself, and liquid de-icer which is applied to the surface to prevent it becoming slippery in icy weather.

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Wet Pour Safety Flooring Maintenance in

Here at Wet pour Safety Playground Maintenance, our expert team supplies rubber repair kits so you can fix minor damage to the playground yourself and a liquid de-icer which is applied to the surface to prevent it from becoming slippery in icy weather. If you're in need of experienced and friendly wetpour safety playground maintenance installers then look no further than us. 


It is very important that wetpour safety playground maintenance is carried out all year round in order to ensure that they are looking and working to their full potential.

With more and more EPDM rubber crumb surface installations happening each year it's vital that existing resin bound rubber flooring is maintained to the correct standards and still meets the specifications set out in the NBS Q26 360 of rubberised surfacing. It's paramount that the surfacing is kept clean and is giving a consistent performance and this could be achieved by regularly sweeping debris from the surface and keeping the area free of unwanted objects.

What is Wet Pour Maintenance?

Wet pour maintenance is the process of servicing the rubberised flooring to ensure it stays in the best possible condition. A thorough maintenance scheme would involve:

  • Keeping the Flooring Clean – Ensuring leaves, flowers, pine needles, weeds and other detritus do not remain on the rubberised surfacing for any length of time. This can affect the porosity and permeable nature of the wet pour system meaning that it is no longer SUDs compliant. This is also the case with algae and moss which can sometimes allow moisture to be trapped within the rubber causing expansion and damage in cold weather conditions. Cleaning the floor regularly with a light power wash will often be enough to deter the growth of algae, weeds and moss which are easier to prevent than to get rid of once there.
  • Removing Stains – It's important when cleaning the wetpour rubber surfacing that boiling water is not used as this can sometimes damage the system. Hot water and household detergent are often enough to thoroughly clean the safety surface however if the event of chewing gum a freezing aerosol may be utilised. Stubborn stains such as oil may be treated with methylated spirits.
  • Cold / Freezing Weather – snow and ice alone will not damage the system however the use of heavy scrapers or stiff metal brushes will cause damage to the rubberised wearing course and should not be used at any point. If snow needs to be removed, it must be with a rubber scraper or light bristled brush so that the wetpour system is not damaged.
  • Weeds – No matter how well the wetpour safety surfacing is maintained there is always the chance of weeds due to a number of different reasons. If weeds to occur, a normally localised weed killer can be used on the rubberised flooring however it's vital that this is not oil based as it may damage the floor.

As well as installing rubberised flooring for playgrounds, we also offer different specifications of polymeric sport surfaces. These are great for schools and clubs as they can be used for lots of different activities. Please contact our team via the enquiry form and we'd be happy to talk about the costs of maintenance and repairs for wetpour flooring.


Wet Pour Flooring Maintenance Near Me

The checks that we would recommend to keep your wetpour system in tip-top shape involve looking for any signs of vandalism on wetpour surfaces, damage or wear and tear of the rubber. Checking and sweeping of leaves and debris from the surfacing and dealing with any moss or algae, food stains, chewing gum and weeds. We can also supply repair kits and liquid de-icer to help you look after the rubber surfacing and prevent any lasting damage.

It's important to look after any type of outdoor surface, especially if it's a decorative flooring type, so we offer resin bound stone maintenance to keep gravel paving surfaces clean. As we are specialists in outdoor flooring installation and maintenance, our services range from wetpour playgrounds to these stone paving specifications.

If you require any more information in relation the wetpour safety playground maintenance services in please fill out our contact form today and we'll contact you with specialised information regarding the rubberised safety surfacing and how to preserve it so it stays closest to perfect for a long period of time. 

How to Maintain Wet Pour Near Me

We will be more than happy to offer you tips on how to keep your EPDM safety surfacing within the best possible condition. Some of the things you could do to maintain your nearby wetpour include:

  1. Remove dirt and debris from the area
  2. Treat the surface with a moss and algae treatment to remove and prevent contamination
  3. Clean the flooring using a light power wash
  4. Remove any stains on the surface
  5. Remove snow and ice so the area does not get damaged
  6. Inspect the surface for damages
  7. Fix any damages right away to reduce costly repairs

If you are interested in finding out more regarding what you can do to maintain your surface and the surrounding areas, please contact us using the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you.

Cleaning Rubber Play Surfaces

Cleansing is conducted to make sure that any contaminants upon the floor surfaces will be dealt with to avoid more issues. Jet washing expert services make certain that debris in hard to get to areas will be handled correctly. The EPDM rubber surface is entirely permeable which makes certain that the surface can pass water right through in which will minimize just about any flood.

Routine maintenance makes sure that these kinds of attributes aren’t jeopardized, because contamination may stop this kind of tiny holes from allowing liquid across. If they're obstructed up, it’ll flood making this unusable. It could even be a potential danger as it can certainly result in the surface slippy leading to incidents. Should you be far too late for maintenance, don't trouble yourself as repair services can also be found. 

Other Wet Pour Services We Offer

For more information regarding local wetpour safety playground maintenance and details on costs of this servicing, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you with answers to any questions you may have.



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