Wetpour Perimeter Repairs

Wetpour Perimeter Repairs

We can carry out repairs to wetpour surfaces where the rubber has shrunk around the perimeter and is pulling away from the edges. This will typically be done in a different colour to create a better looking design.

Rubber Surfacing Repair

Rubber Surfacing Repair

It's important to fix any damage to your wetpour playground as soon as it's identified, this will help to prevent further problems and keep the area safe.

Play Area Surface Maintenance

Play Area Surface Maintenance

Regular cleaning and inspections of your rubber playground flooring should help you to keep it in top condition and spot any problems before they spread and get worse.

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Wetpour Perimeter Repairs in

Here at Rubber Shrinkage Perimeter Repairs, our expert team can carry out repairs to wet pour surfaces where the rubber has shrunk around the perimeter and is pulling away from the edges. This will typically be done in a different colour to create a better-looking design. If you are looking for rubber shrinkage perimeter repairs, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


Rubber shrinkage perimeter repairs in is commonly carried out in areas and establishments used by children and young people such as

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Play areas

Occasionally over time and due to ever-changing weather conditions wet pour surfacing can shrink and come away from the perimeter edge creating a possible trip hazard which can be potentially dangerous to users of such areas.

We may discuss wet pour perimeter repairs in more detail if required; simply fill out the enquiry form presented on this page and we will get back to you. As experts within the industry with years of experience, we can offer competitive prices and top quality servicing.

Wet Pour Shrinking Near Me

The positive about this particular type of defect to the surface is that it can easily be repaired and is done in the way of a band repair. A band repair is carried out by creating a channel/chase cut round the perimeter of surface and removing the damaged rubber before filling the affected areas with new and fresh insitu laid wet pour.

This can be done in a wide range of colours e.g. red, blue, green, yellow, purple etc however it is advised that a band repair is carried out in a contrasting colour to the existing surface as it's difficult to get an exact match of colours. If you've got a small area of the damage to your wet pour flooring, we also supply rubber surface repairs kits which enable you to fix this yourself.

Make sure you contact us if you need any advice about the costs for play surfacing rubber shrinkage perimeter repairs, or if you would like us to send you one of our repair kits for your surface.

Band Wetpour Rubber Surfacing Repair

Carrying out regular inspections and maintenance checks on areas where wet pour safety surfacing is installed is vital to keep users safe at all times. This is especially important when such rubberised safety surfaces are associated with the elderly and young people at establishments such as local retirement homes, parks, nurseries, play areas, schools and playgrounds and their surrounding areas closest to the surface. Carrying out regular daily and weekly inspections will allow you to identify any problems or issues with the surface that might otherwise be missed causing harm to its users.

Wet Pour Perimeter Repair

One of the main defects that should be looked for is the condition of your wet pour rubberised surfacing around the perimeter edge. It's possible that over time, and through cold weather conditions, that the rubberised surfacing could come away from the edge creating a gap or crevice that can cause a potential trip hazard making the surface unsafe. Another way to identify the need for a potential band repair is to look out for the growth of weeds and other vegetation between the inside of the edge and the wet pour safety surface.

If this sounds like a problem that you are experiencing with your wet pour safety surfacing it is something that should be acted upon asap. This problem can be easily repaired by creating a chase or channel cut around the border of your wet pour surface, removing the existing rubber, priming the existing edge and filling the gap with new wet pour so it is flush or graded down to the original edge minimising any potential trip hazard.

If you've got any other type of outdoor play surfacing we may also complete maintenance for these, for example, artificial grass cleaning and rubber mulch surface repairs. For more information on band repairs to wet pour surfacing or to find out the costs and prices that might be associated with repairing your wet pour safety surface, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Remember on such areas associated with high traffic of young or elderly people safety should be held as paramount so it's important to regularly check the wet pour surface for any damage or problems.


What is Wetpour Border Repair?

Wetpour border repair is simply filling in the rubber around the edge of the nearby facility where the rubber has shrunk. A playground space can begin to reduce in size all-around the outsides over time. This makes the exterior perimeter to begin to get smaller inwards leading to cracks across the play area. This can develop into a large tripping hazard for kids consequently it’s fundamental to deal with the problem right away.

In the event you do not repair the issue promptly then the problem may result in costlier solutions. We offer a restore service so we will come to your facility and fill in any spaces with more EPDM. We could sell you fixing kits in order to take matters in your own hands and remedy it yourself. It’d be a wise decision to have a great deal of these kinds of kits stored away in order to deal with any concern quickly and effectively.

Having an upkeep scheme set in place is vital to making sure these don’t take place once more. This preservation plans massively improve the quality of your sports area. Preservation will, in addition, make certain that the item lifespan of your facility is going to be prolonged. We can also set up the edge in a different colour to provide the facility with a coloured border. 

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